Who We Are


Denny’s Storage Company is a locally owned and managed self-storage facility in Bismarck, North Dakota.

Denny’s Storage Co. began in 1976 when it was constructed by Dennis (Denny) Where, hence the name “Denny’s Storage Company”.

Harvey and Diane Schilling purchased the Saratoga facility in 1983 and have continued to operate and expand the storage facility since.

For the first ten years, they owned and operated the original 90 storage units and continued to expand the operation with two additional sites in North Bismarck, Hancock Drive and 43rd Avenue and Highway 83 locations.

At present, Denny’s Storage Co. consists of the three locations with approximately 550 self storage units ranging in size from 5 x 8’s for smaller household items to 12 x 60’s for commercial vendors or larger items.